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BIT OBSERVATORY 2011 - The Mediterranean area : a growing tourism destination

The 2011 edition of BIT - International Tourism Exchange that will take place in Italy in the Fieramilano Fairgrounds of Rho from 17th - 20th February 2011, reconfirms its international vocation and at the same highlights that it is a privileged meeting place for the tourism system of the entire Mediterranean area, that is experiencing a continuous growth.

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BIT OBSERVATORY 2011 - The Mediterranean area : a growing tourism destination
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According to the Bit data, during the first six months of the year, the North Africa countries recorded a 12% increase and the number of arrivals in the Mediterranean countries reached a 4.5% increase. In the same period Italian regions were chosen by 34 million Italians (+3,8%) as preferred destination for holiday. Far from Italy, most popular regions are France, which scored 17.7% on the total number of Italians on holiday abroad, and Spain, with 13.7%. Relevant confirmation for Croatia and Greece with their respective 2.9% and 2.4%, and cheering results also for Malta, Jordan and Albania, with their 1.6%, 1.5% and 1.2%. Besides, Egypt is confirmed as important destination with 5.6% on the total number of Italians tourists and with 59.9% of total holiday in Africa. Morocco, Israel and Turkey are also emerging and improving arrival results among Mediterranean countries.

In particular, in terms of number of Italian travelers per destination and main reason for visit, from January until July 2010, France, Spain, Greece and Croatia gained best results: France registered 4,749 travelers (1,891 for vacation and 1,834 for business) and Spain 1,387 (927 for vacation and 227 for business). Good results also for Greece with a total number of 782 travelers (622 for vacation and 89 for business) and Croatia with 302 travelers (203 for vacation and 37 for business).
Another interesting aspect is the how much Italian spend during their vacation. The same countries are on the podium: France (1,276 million euros), Spain (818 million euros) and Greece (451 million euros).

In general, the Mediterranean area maintain a strong position as tourism destination. It boasts both an area with a huge tourism vocation and an area that Italians appreciate for its artistic and natural beauty, human qualities and hospitality.

Almost all countries of the Mediterranean basin will be present at 2011 Edition of Bit, providing even more comprehensive international exposure. Very relevant the presence of Egypt, Slovenia, Syria and Israel that for the next year will focus their attention on the Italian market.
BIT OBSERVATORY 2011 - The Mediterranean area : a growing tourism destination

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