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"Explore Tibet" Announces Trips to Holy Mount Kawagarbo

International Edition (Asia)

Explore Tibet, a Lhasa-based tour company, is now offering trips to Holy Mount Kawagarbo in eastern Tibet. They offer trips from 10 to 20 days, including trekking and a visit to Shangri La.

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Mardi 15 Avril 2014

Located on the border of Dechen County in Yunnan and Chayul County in the Tibet Autonomous Region, Kawagarbo is the highest mountain in Yunnan province, southwest China.

One of the most sacred mountains for Tibetan Buddhists, it is also the spiritual home of a warrior god of the same name. It is visited by 20,000 pilgrims each year from throughout the Tibetan world.

Many pilgrims circumambulate the peak, an arduous 240 km (150 mi) trek.

Although it is important throughout Tibetan Buddhism, it is the local Tibetans that are the day-to-day guardians and stewards of Kawagarbo, both the deity and the mountain.

“Mt. Kawagarbo in eastern Tibet represents the mind emanation of Buddha,” Explore Tibet have said. “However, it is not only a place of holiness but also a place for adventure and exploration as the holy mountain is surrounded by another 20 permanently snow-covered mountains, making the area popular for trekking.

Meili Xueshan, or Meili Snow Mountain, is a chain of 13 peaks, of which the highest is 6,740 meters, in Yunnan province. A branch of Tibetan Buddhism considers its mysterious main peak, Kawagarbo, a guarding divinity.

“The short trekking around the holy mountain offers wonderful scenery as well as spiritual experiences.”

Yubeng Village locates at the foot of the sacred Mount Kawagarbo. For hundreds of years, the villagers have made their living through farming and herding.

But tourism is bringing a new way of life, and changing is coming to this old and beautiful village. In an age of change, some villagers still stick to the old ways

Explore Tibet is a locally-owned travel agency committed to Mt Kailash Tour, Tibetan travel permit and sustainable practice.

Fore more information about Mt. Kailash Pilgrimages, please visit:

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