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Management of flight crews: Travelliance wants to set up in France and Europe

The company manages accommodation and transportation of flight crews during stop-overs

Travelliance is a company in charge of finding hotels and transportation for airline companies’ flight crews during their stop-over, as well as for passengers in the case of a flight issue. It now hopes to seduce French and European companies, that are quite few to outsource this position.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 23 Juillet 2015

Travelliance manages accommodation and transportation for flight crews during a stop-over DR : DR : Laurent Masson / AF
Travelliance manages accommodation and transportation for flight crews during a stop-over DR : DR : Laurent Masson / AF
Finding a hotel that best suits pilots, stewardess, and stewards of airline companies during a stop-over is a profession that is still little practiced in France.

Today, Travelliance, one of the world leaders in the sector, hopes to set up on the market to make its qualifications known.

Established since 70 years in the United States, the company believes that there is a strong development potential on the old continent.

Indeed, other than Hop! that works with the main competitor, API Accommodations Plus International, very few companies outsource this service to an outside company.

Yet, according to Travelliance, it would be in their best interest to do so in order to allow them to concentrate on the heart of their job and reduce such expenses.

The company, that handles 7 million night stays every year in the world, enjoys a strong negotiation power and can offer up to 11% discount on a room.

Accompanying flight crews…

But according to Florence Baudoin, Development Manager in France, it isn’t just a broker service.

“We accompany the representatives of the personnel on the ground to listen to their needs. Our goal is to offer them accommodation that perfectly meets their expectations.”

Travelliance often negotiates specific sales conditions, such as delayed departures or arrivals.

Thanks to its technological solution, it also enables to better handle invoices and to directly link up to the websites of airline companies.

To seduce French and European companies, Travelliance highlights the expertise it acquired in the United States with American Airlines, Delta, Qantas, WestJet, or United since last June.

… and passengers

The company also takes care of handling passengers in the event of irregularities during their flight. Being in charge of transportation, accommodation, and meals: this activity accounts for 40% of its business turnover.

It also accompanied Malaysia Airlines by accommodating the families of the passengers who died in the two crashes of 2014.

The company also works with Alitalia, Etihad as well as Air France in the United States via the Delta contract.

On the European market, it primarily wants to develop accommodation solution for flight crews.

In fact, it hopes to open an office at Charles de Gaulle by 2016 to seduce companies in France and all over Europe.

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