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Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece

The cruise "Icons of the Aegean sea" by Louis Cruise

Rédigé par Jean Da Luz translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 7 Mai 2014

Service and maintenance

HR: "I noticed a very good service with a warm and friendly staff on which everyone agrees. They were smiles and good feeling!

As for maintenance, the boat is very well kept and clean with spotless common areas, without papers or ashtrays lying around. The room cleaning is done in a wink and rather well."

A Francophone atmosphere and English

Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece
HR: " French customers need not worry because there are many Francophones (Mauritians in particular) among the crew on board, French is spoken at the reception, there is a daily newspaper in our language and everyone, from servers to officers, attempts to speak French if necessary... "


HR: "This is clearly not the strong point of the boat. But given its size, we can not expect a budget able to organize large performances like can be found on other giant boat companies.

The entertainment is pleasant and friendly and seems to satisfy the customers on the boat. But as we noted earlier, the Louis Cristal does not pretend to be at the top when it comes to show biz, which its size and concept prohibit it from anyways.

In addition, we must not forget that the programmed visits and navigation time leave little time for the passengers to get bored..."

Sightseeing and excursions

Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece
HR: "The excursion stop-overs is the great success of this cruise because it allows the discovery of two major areas of Turkey (Eiffez and Istanbul) and a discovery of many Greek islands mixing safe value destinations such as Rhodes, Crete, Mykonos and other less known islands like Chios and Symi.

Generally a very good choice of tours accompanied by great guides including skillful French speaking ones allowing an easier understanding of the visits.”

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