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Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece

The cruise "Icons of the Aegean sea" by Louis Cruise

Rédigé par Jean Da Luz translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 7 Mai 2014

The "Louis Cristal" ship

Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece
HR: "It is obvious that the boat is not new, but the renovations from 2013 are well done. The Louis Cristal is a small boat with a simple understanding of services, with access and proximity to very pleasant outdoor living areas.

And this is all the more refreshing that the ship does not position itself as “the main attraction" in itself but rather as a means of connection between the many stopovers of the cruise."

Cabins and equipment

HR - "The outside cabins (without balcony) are very nice and ergonomic, with ample living space and a very decent bathroom compared to more narrow interior cabins.

They have enough storage space with equipment that includes a flat screen TV with one French channel and a large selection of international channels. Also worth noting is an outlet extension, including one at the European standard, a hairdryer, a safe and a small fridge."
Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece

Food and Beverages

Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece
HR: "Unlike other cruises where the food quantity is excessive, the restaurant here serves greek inspired food, meaning European, with reasonable portions.

Overall the restaurant is ok but efforts still need to be made and should be quickly implemented by the company.

For example, a leveling out on quality between the restaurant with sit-down meals and the buffet meals including breakfast.

As for drinks, the white wine is quite good, slightly less for the red and rosé.

I suggest anyway to subscribe for the all inclusive package because it allows to consume peacefully and at ease... "

Equipment and Internet connection

Richou Travel : Hervé Renoux tested the "Louis Cristal" in Greece
Internet access is more or less functional. Satellite access works in the internet cafe but rather slowly. Wifi is only available during stopovers and on some specific bridges.

However the cost of everything remains high (and it is a shame given technological advancements where even the elderly are increasingly equipped with tablets and smartphones. This is an aspect that needs to be quickly improved.)

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