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The Exclusive France Holidays Corporation (EFH) opens its sky to the Ivory Coast !

first direct flight from Côte d'Ivoire to Israel

Established in 2003, a leading incoming tour operator agency for France and Israel, based in the two destinations and a charterer for a growing range of destinations, EFH Corportation opened last October, a new representative office in Abidjan, Partirenisrael (Cote d'Ivoire), to promote religious tourism and business travel to Israel.The sky does not open only to Europe... On last friday, February 28, 2014, first direct flight from Côte d'Ivoire to Israel!

le Samedi 1 Mars 2014

The Exclusive France Holidays Corporation (EFH) opens its sky to the Ivory Coast !
This Friday, February 28, landed in Tel Aviv, the first flight from Abidjan with 180 passengers, tourists, pilgrims, journalists , businessmen and VIPs.

Whether it is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus or to find business collaborations and development ideas all finally want to discover Israel.

For 10 days, our first 180 Ivorian visitors will travel the country, visiting the famous and precious historical sites and meeting journalists and businessmen from various fields.

This trip opens a new bilateral tourism axis since it begins with a series of flights from Abidjan but, soon, flights leaving from Tel Aviv!

The EFH Corporation coordinates a number of brands, including, which offers French travelers tour and travel packages to Israel for individuals or groups.

In recent years, the group has specialized in organizing trips and Evangelical Christian pilgrimages in Israel.

Direct flights from Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lyon to Tel Aviv

Over fifty groups are organized each year to meet the demands pastors who are happy to work a Tour Operator that specialized on Israel with Christian tourism professionals onsite in the Holy Land.

In fact, to astutely meet the wishes of the pilgrims, these specific trips are developed by a team of Israeli Christians in Jerusalem who organize tours in par with the beliefs and desiderata of each community.

The EFH Group, in constant evolution has strengthened its French stop-overs by opening just last year several new direct flights from Toulouse, Strasbourg, Lyon to Tel Aviv. A new destination such as the Ivory Coast can only strengthen it.

Erez Bousso, CEO of Exclusive France Holidays says: "We were called by Ivorian religious institutions to implement these biblical trips.

As professionals in this destination, our mission was to respond to the desire of Ivorian and African Christian pilgrims to tread the Holy Land.

Israeli Ministry of Tourism encourages and promotes this tourism

Our biblical trip was greeted with joy by various religious institutions and also by the Ivorian Government which directly supports us in this operation. We have embarked on a challenging and fascinating adventure !

Africa is certainly not Europe, with which we have 10 years of experience in the chartering sector, however, we are proud to be the first to accomplish such a project, opening the right to pilgrimages in Israel and giving the opportunity for business development between Israel and Côte d'Ivoire.

Or local office in Abidjan,, works exactly for that and our team works to best responds to the various travel projects of our customers.

A direct flight between the two countries will strengthen relationships and benefit Israeli tourism as well as Ivorian tourism since, in due time, we plan to offer the Israeli public, always eager for new destinations, packages to Côte d'Ivoire, a country with a fascinating culture, friendly locals and beautiful beaches ...”

As it was released last November, it is important to note that the Israeli Ministry of Tourism encourages and promotes this tourism project between Africa and Israel and demonstrated a very active partnership incentive.

For further information and contact: Fred Steier - - (+33) 01 55 28 82 25
Debora Dahan - - (+33) 06 63 08 64 38

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