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The tourism crowdfunding : TravelStarter

In the actual tendency, more and more people want to launch themselves in the creation of their own business. However, becoming an entrepreneur is not something easy, moreover when it comes to the financial plan; they need to find different financial sources.

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Two of the three co funder of TravelStarter
Two of the three co funder of TravelStarter
Today they can head towards the crowdfunding, a simple but not well-known way, which exists for all kind of activities but one decided to specialize in tourism: TravelStarter.

Crowdfunding is defined as the practice of funding a project by collecting many small amounts of money from a large number of people mainly through the Internet.

TravelStarter is the pioneer of the crowdfunding in the tourism field. Born thanks to three passionate travelers, who all have been paying close attention to the crowdfunding phenomenon, they noticed that “Crowdfunding has been so intently focused on key areas such as arts, technology, and physical products, that certain services including tourism have often been overlooked…so we decided to found a platform focused solely on tourism providers.”, answers Anushka, one of the co-founder of this start-up.

The tourism crowdfunding : TravelStarter
The difference between this company based in Boston and the other similar companies is that they are a “niche platform because they are concentrated in tourism related projects”. Each creation is actively followed by the three co-founders, Anushka, Blaz, and Mic. Indeed, they give them support to publish their idea and get it presented to the crowd. As for all website of crowdfunding, each amount of money deposited for a project is equal to a special reward: the higher the amount, the more valuable the compensation is.

For example, it can go from a simple “thank you” to a one week holidays offered with special tour and cook lesson through a special dinner…

To submit a project there are several steps to follow:
- Define your project
- Set up your funding goals: how much money do you need? How long will your funding period be? Will your goal be flexible or fixed ?
- Define your rewards: What to offer ?

And for those who want to invest, it works in a couple of easy steps:
- Choose your destination
- Fund local projects
- Receive travel rewards
- Repeat or do your own project
TravelStarter is suitable for businesses and individuals, with projects related to tourism and travel industry. You can have an existing business that you want to expand, for example a restaurant that needs to be renovated, or just an idea that you want to realize.
So it is a very easy way to finance your project even if you are not sure to get all the money you need but it doesn’t cost anything so take your chance !

For further information, here is the link of the TravelStarter video : and the website’s link

Written by students from ESC Troyes, MBA Tourism, Leisure and Events Management

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