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Utah will host The Void, an amusement park all in virtual reality…

One of the most immersive “laser games”

Here is a great example of innovation that fuses new technology with fun. In the United States, a company is about to open a brand new concept: a sort of amusement park all in virtual reality, named The VOID. We’re already dreaming of one thing: crossing the Atlantic to try out this immersive experience.

Rédigé par Mathilde Khlat translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 21 Mai 2015

Described by the Washington Port as “a laser on steroids,” The Void will offer players to put on a costume and interact within an environment all in virtual reality.  ©Instagram- The Void
Described by the Washington Port as “a laser on steroids,” The Void will offer players to put on a costume and interact within an environment all in virtual reality. ©Instagram- The Void
Welcome to 2015 in a world where the field of possibilities does not stop growing!

In an area with seven rooms of 6 m² each, it is possible, today, to be projected into a world made of fantastic quests and intergalactic wars.

Just put on the Rapture costume (a virtual reality headset, gloves, and a vest) to be submerged into this immersive adventure full of terrifying monsters to combat.

To live this crazy experience, we have to cross the Atlantic, in the United States. And wait a few more months.

A company based in Utah specializes on concocting amusement parks that entirely concentrate on augmented reality, as explained by the Washington Post.

The Void, the project of the first “virtual entertainment centers,” should see the light of day in the neighboring city of Salt Lake City.

What does it consist of? It is about revisiting the basic concept of the “laser games” by introducing players, alone or in a team, into the most immersive virtual decors.

The visitors go through these spaces by sometimes fighting with a riffle, sometimes driving a space ship.

Every room can be metamorphosed in order to adapt to the environment in which the visitor will be immersed.

And to make the impression of reality even stronger, the circuit will be enhanced with physical elements: the wind blowing, temperature, water, vibrations, obstacles etc.

The video speaks for itself.

The American startup seems to have very, very big ambitions.

“Our concept of virtual amusement parks will be exploited in the largest cities of North America and South America, in Asia, Europe, and Australia,” explains the CEO of The Void, Ken Bretschneider, on his website.

This former specialist of cybersecurity has invested, himself, 13 million dollars in order to give life to his project and to pay his team of around thirty people who accompany him in the adventure.

To the Salt Lake Tribune, he assures that the scenarios offered to players are inspired by “science fiction novels and movies.”

The price of the entrance has not been revealed yet, but Ken Bretschneider guarantees to the Washington Post that it should be “affordable.”

The Void reflects the times, since it is from this year that will be commercialized in a grand scale the Oculus Rift, as well as the Morpheus project by Sony.

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