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Airport Procedures : Agreement between Iberia and Samsung to Apply NFC Technologies

This agreement includes security controls and boarding with cell phone even when it is turned off and NFC technology will also speed luggage check-in.

Iberia and Samsung have signed an agreement to introduce new technologies in airport check-in and boarding in airports, for a significant improvement in passengers’ travel experience.

Thanks to “near field communications” (NFC) technology, Iberia customers with a Samsung device will be able to use it to pass through security control and boarding gates, even when the device is switched off.

To use the technology, when checking in on line for a flight, the customer must click on the option to have the boarding pass sent to the device’s NFC card, which allows the device to be used for transactions made at short distances, such as card payments.

Then the customer must only hold the device, which need not even be switched on, near the “reader” devices at security control and in boarding gates.

The same NFC card can automatically download information from other sites in airports, such as VIP lounges or Iberia’s Quick Service Points. The technology can also speed luggage check in when luggage tag information is stored on the NFC card.

This process is faster than bar-code readers, and will save passengers substantial amounts of time at airports, adding to passenger convenience and airline efficiency.

The data stored is safe from intrusion, since in order to be read the device must be held no more than 14 centimetres from the reader.

Iberia will shortly activate these services at airports equipped with NFC readers.

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