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Amadeus launches a solution to manage delayed or canceled flights

The new “Amadeus Personal Disruption” solution

Amadeus revealed a solution that allows airline companies to better manage canceled or delayed flights. It will be available as a white-label product early 2015. TAM Airlines will inaugurate this new solution that includes intelligent and customized replacement options enabling an improvement of passengers’ travel conditions, while providing airline companies with the possibility of spending less and of better managing their clientele.

Rédigé par Mathilde Khlat translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 26 Novembre 2014

© Francois Doisnel -
© Francois Doisnel -
Amadeus continues its improvement of traveler experience with its new Amadeus Personal Disruption solution.

Thanks to customized and adapted recommendations, provided in real time on travelers’ mobile devices, airline companies will now be able to offer substitution solutions before, during, and after a trip.

A free hotel, a class upgrade, even complementary services… These will be the services that an airline company could offer a passenger who underwent a flight disruption.

“Instead of transferring the passengers of a canceled flight to another flight, we have to be aware of the consequences of the delay on each individual, along with the specific reasons for his trip in order to respond appropriately,” states Julia Sattel, Senior Vice President, Airline IT, Amadeus IT Group in a press release.

Available as a white-label product early 2015

Available as a white-label product beginning 2015, the Amadeus Personal Disruption Companion tool has an approach that focuses primarily on the client's needs.

Its functioning is based on understanding and analyzing the passengers and their destinations.

Suggestions are then presented based on preferences, such as language or the chosen mode of communication.

They are integrally customized by taking into account the specific itinerary, the history of the purchase of additional services by each traveler, along with any other personal preferences informed by the passenger or known about him.

A way, according to Amadeus, of controlling “the whole procedure, from the handling of tickets to the EMD, such as an update of inventories, the release of new boarding passes or even the luggage transfer to another flight.”

7.2 billion dollars lost by American companies in 2012

Launched in partnership with TAM Airlines, a branch of the LATAM Airlines group, Amadeus Personal Disruption Companion was revealed in exclusivity during the PhoCusWright Travel Innovation summit.

“American airline companies have in fact lost 7.2 billion dollars to flight perturbations in 2012.

Furthermore, a study conducted by IATA shows that transporters that are quicker to get out of a crisis situation and recover appropriately could save up to 455 million dollars each year, only from reservation rates.

In the event of a problem, travelers hope to have access to automized and smart alternatives and offers that are adapted and customized to their particular needs,”
adds Julia Stattel.

The launch of Amadeus Personal Disruption Companion solution appeared after the publication,in 2013, of a white book on flight disruption management.

According to that study entitled “Passengers-first: re-thinking irregular operations”, 33% of travelers stated that not being well informed on the reasons for their flight disruption as the first cause of annoyance.

18% complained about receiving contradicting information.

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