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HomeAway, Inc. it has acquired the Mobile Application Glad to Have You™

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HomeAway, Inc. it has acquired Glad to Have You, Inc., the creator of the vacation rental industry’s leading mobile guest management solution designed specifically for property managers and homeowners to improve the way they manage and communicate with guests during their stay.

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HomeAway® plans to make Glad to Have You™ (“GLAD”) mobile applications available to its property managers and owners, enabling travelers to have detailed property information at their fingertips, while helping to maximize the enjoyment of their vacations.

GLAD comes in two versions: GladOwners™and GladProfessional™. Both versions provide travelers with crucial information about the vacation rental and its amenities in the palm of their hands, including:

• Detailed Rental Logistics: Prior to their trip, guests receive all of the details they need for their stay, such as check-in/out instructions, important phone numbers, property access information, Wi-Fi passwords, and instructions for using AV equipment and other electronics.

• Nearby Activities: Guests receive customized recommendations for nearby restaurants and attractions and a map of the area.

• Digital Guestbook: Guests have the opportunity to leave reviews as well as include photos of their stay through the application – which is expected to lead to a significant increase in both number and relevance of property reviews on HomeAway sites.

The existing GladOwnersTM product is available to HomeAway customers for free by clicking here. Any owner that is not a HomeAway customer may purchase GladOwnersTM for $9.99 per month or $99.99 per year.

GLAD has grown quickly

Users of GladProfessionalTM (for property managers) receive the same benefits as GladOwnersTM but with additional scale to help manage a large inventory of properties.

They also enjoy additional features such as:

• Guest Communication: Guests can receive push notifications before and throughout their stay, such as a notification about early check-in opportunities and have instant communications with the property manager 24/7.

• Service Requests: Guests can submit cleaning and maintenance requests with a push of a button.

• Guest Analytics: Property managers can capture and learn guests’ dining or activity preferences and send special offers.

• Software Integration: Integrates easily with the most widely used property management software products in the industry.

• Property Manager Branding: The application allows property management companies to brand the mobile interface.

Given the added features of the GladProfessionalTM product, it is not offered free of charge – pricing for existing customers will not change. Currently, it is in use by more than 300 property management companies in the United States, with travelers using the application more than 15 times during an average stay.

Founded in 2012 by co-CEOs, Keith Landers and Jason Sprenkle, GLAD has grown quickly by focusing efforts on building a better experience for travelers by leveraging the smartphone platform.

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