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Hospitality : tourists seeking for "out of the beaten tracks" vacations

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Have you ever dreamed of staying in an unusual place ? Nowadays the number of tourists seeking for "out of the beaten tracks" vacation is constantly increasing. And we should add that the offer in terms of atypical accommodation continues to expand: tree houses, yurts, igloos ... They abound and expend worldwide. Live an exceptional experience is now part of the important criteria to choose its future holidays.

Rédigé par ESC Troyes le Dimanche 21 Décembre 2014

Hospitality : tourists seeking for "out of the beaten tracks" vacations
Guadeloupe Inside
The market for unusual accommodation now affects multiple segments of tourist accommodation such as campsites, guest houses or hotels. We observe that the offer is diversifying and fits every budget.

We are four students in the 1st year of master in the ESC Troyes business school, and we chose to specialize ourselves in the luxury tourism and event management. As we are interested in Hotels, we found during our researches some Hotels that are worthy to look at.

Among the luxury hotels with the most extraordinary facilities, some stand out for their rareness. Let us share with you this amazing discovery.

The Ice hotel, located in Quebec, Canada, offers to the most adventurous to sleep in front of a warm fireplace in a room made of ice and snow !

Another surprising place is the arena San Pedro in Mexico, which is called today the Quinta Real Zacatecas Hotel. The area has been converted into an idyllic place to host honeymoons.

But even the most unexpected places can be source of inspiration for the tourists. Aren’t you tempted by a stay behind the bars? You can experience it with the Oxford jail as it was given a second life and transformed into a magnificent hotel.

Then, the Poseidon Undersea Resort can also get a prominent place in the top incredible hotels. Located in the Fiji Islands, guests can admire the depths of the ocean from their bed, thanks to a specially designed structure.

In Europe, the Dutch company Dromen Aan Zee, appeared in the 2000’s, stands out from others thanks to its hotels, more than unusual and atypical.

Proposing 3 types of accommodations in one of the most loved place of Holland, Harlingen, the company offers to its customer original stays.

One hour and 15 minutes away from the capital, Amsterdam, the lighthouse, the lifeboat and the crane tempt many curious people every year.

The holland's lighthouse, one of the most surprising hotels...

Out of activity since 1998, it’s with the purpose of conservation and protection that the actual owners bought the lighthouse in order to make it become one of the most surprising hotels.

This one, restored and refurbished, is now a beautiful hotel room for 2 persons.

Over 3 floors, the lighthouse lets you discover alternatively each of its rooms to offer you in highlight a romantic dinner with panoramic views over its seaport.

The soul of a sailor? The Lillas Marras, lifeboat, in activity from 1955 to 1979, will make you live at the heart of the marine world.

Converted into a lovely accommodation, it welcomes you in the cosiest atmosphere.

And if you wish so, you can let you tempt by a boat tour with its captain.

Thrill seeker? The most impressive and unusual is the crane of the seaport who offers you, in a surprising decor, a vertiginous panoramic on the open sea.

And, why not having fun during your stay guiding by yourself the crane over 360°? This one is the last acquisition of the company and perfectly fits with the style of the first rooms, to offer a stay as original as its accomplices.

These three hotels give you personalized benefits, high quality standards and modern equipment. A breakfast is delivered as soon as you are awake and one person answers all your demands.

You love this kind of room?

Keep in mind that prices are between 200 and 350€ per night and per person, breakfast included to live this amazing experience.

They call themselves ecologic, futurist or they have a link with the past, the unusual accommodations have the same purpose: make us live a story beyond.

Emelyne GALLOIS -
Célia MARET -
Sonia MORIN -
Hospitality : tourists seeking for "out of the beaten tracks" vacations

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