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Aéroports de Paris : an passengers increase of 0.9% on March 2013

Edition Internationale (Europe)

In March 2014, Aéroports de Paris saw 7.3 million passengers; an increase of 0.9% on March 2013. 5.0 million passengers travelled through Paris-Charles de Gaulle (stable) and 2.3 million through Paris-Orly (+2.8%).

Rédigé par le Mardi 15 Avril 2014

Traffic in March 2014 was mainly affected by a calendar effect due to the half-term holiday dates for schools in the Paris area, which this year were from 15 February to 3 March, as opposed to 2 to 18 March in 2013.

International traffic (excluding Europe) posted slight growth (+0.5%).

Traffic growth for the French Overseas Territories (+5.5%); North America (+1.6%); Latin America (+1.6%) and the Middle East (+0.9%) was in large part offset by the decrease in traffic for Africa (-0.6%) and Asia-Pacific (-3.2%) European traffic (excluding France) was up by 1.1%.

Traffic within France grew by 1.2%.

The number of connecting passengers was up by 5.9%. The connecting rate stood at 25.8%, up by 1.5 points.

Since the beginning of 2014, Aéroports de Paris passenger traffic has seen growth of 3.6%, with a total of 20.1 million passengers.

The number of connecting passengers is up by 3.4%. The connecting rate has reached 26.0%; i.e. a slight decrease of 0.1 points.

Passenger traffic at TAV Airports, 38%-owned by Aéroports de Paris, increased by 10.5% in March 2014 and has risen by 15.6% since the beginning of the year.

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