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Alliance 46.2 supportive of a tourism police in Paris

series of propositions

The Alliance 46.2 sounded the alarm in a note sent to the press in which it worries about the tourism sector’s loss of competitiveness. It established several propositions in terms of security and aid toward companies to resolve France’s weaknesses on products, image, or promotion.

Rédigé par The Editors translated by Joséphine Foucher le Vendredi 7 Octobre 2016

Alliance 46.2 supportive of a tourism police in Paris
In a note sent to the press, the Alliance 46.2 that gathers 21 leading companies in the tourism sector made several propositions to get out of the “severe crisis” impacting French tourism.

It worries about the sector’s loss of competitiveness due to the Paris terrorist attacks, “the villainous harassment of mostly Asian tourists” along with the Spring 2016 affected by “the convergence of exceptionally violent protests, the blockage of oil supplies, the mediatized attack of a police car, the image, also mediatized, of a union leader setting fire on a public road, strikes of the airline industry…”

In this respect, the collective asks that efforts in the terms of safety be made. It states being supportive of the creation of “a specialized police force, and even, a specialized Prosecutor office.”

The Alliance 46.2 is also asking for enhanced punitive measures “enabling to dissuade offenders”, and wishes to make public communication on the topic more professional, specifying that “warning tourists is necessary” but doing so “in excess is also anxiety-provoking.”

Helping companies

The Alliance 46.2 also wished to “re-boost” the image of France and suggests that all the channels that convey the country’s image get organized (TV, cinema, TV shows, visual arts, performing arts…)

Another request: help companies, especially small ones, by pulling the right levers in terms of taxation or social security.

Finally, the Alliance is requesting the implementation of reforms “that have long been awaited.”

It cites the following: “simplifying urbanism laws; financing of investments; air connectivity for the long-haul clientele; better implication of governing authorities in the international competition of conferences and trade-fairs; modernizing the promotion apparatus; rationalizing tourism governance within the State; planning of the beach management system; the wait at the police stations in Roissy-Charles-de Gaulle or simplifying the tax refund laws…”

L'Alliance 46.2 favorable à une police touristique à Paris

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