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Costa’s new “emotional quote”: a mini website to solidify sales

Enrich the BtoB website

After having revamped its BtoB website, “Extra”, in June 2014, Costa Croisière launched yesterday an innovative functionality: “the emotional quote.” A new incentive that confirms the commitment of Costa to its “traditional” distribution.

Rédigé par Mathilde Khlat translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 16 Avril 2015

Yesterday, Costa Croisière launched an innovative functionality: “the emotional quote”. © Costa
Yesterday, Costa Croisière launched an innovative functionality: “the emotional quote”. © Costa
On top of its 20 trade commissioners spread out throughout France, Costa is turning to technology to improve its sales and give added value to travel agents.

The company has recently enriched its BtoB website,, with an entirely innovative functionality.

Instead of printing a quote or sending a basic summary email, the travel agent (authorized in the website CostaClick/Extra) has the possibility of transferring an email to his client with a link to a customized and inspirational mini-website.

Called the “emotional quote”, it is adapted to the client’s profile (couple, senior couple, senior…)

The mini-website enables the future passenger to watch a video, to know the “10 good reasons to pick this cruise”, to visualize an ideal day onboard the ship, to learn about the excursions and activities, and of course to get a quote.

Developed by the Domino agency, this functionality requires travel agents to provide their clients’ email addresses. An information that is absolutely not exploited by Costa or even Domino.

Making information available regardless of the distribution channel

This is a means of offering a preview of a trip for the 3,800 travel agencies that Costa works with in order to develop a stronger link with the client, and to distinguish themselves from other competitors on the web.

“We are happy to reveal this new tool to our partners which supports their performances, and improves their services to clients, especially to online agencies,” explains Sylvie Kerveillant, representative of the Extra BtoB at Costa Croisières France.

These developments also fit within the multichannel strategy of the Italian company: provide information regardless of the distribution channel used.

As a matter of fact, this type of holidays has opened to a larger audience.

“As a general Tour Operator on cruises, we needed a tool that solidified sales because cruises are a complicated product, that traditionally used to be managed by specialists,” comments a representative of the company.
«The emotional quote».© Costa
«The emotional quote».© Costa

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