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Discover what winter feels like in Ardèche

Should you opt for total relaxation or for a family getaway, Ardèche region has a lot to offer to travellers.

Rédigé par le Lundi 17 Octobre 2016

Discover what winter feels like in Ardèche
Are you tired of your noisy stressful daily life ? Pack up and go to rest and relax in Ardèche. During winter, when the snow has covered the land with its white coat, everything is quiet. In the forests or in the plain, sounds are muffled. The sky is big and time is suspended.

Put your snowshoes on and get out off the beaten tracks with your guide. Follow animals tracks and immerse yourself in a world of purity and silence.

Walk in the cedar trees and pine trees forests of the Cévennes, enjoy this unique feeling of freedom and immensity in Tanargue’s mountains. Look at the stars at night or build an igloo. Listen to local legends and admire Ardèche’s pristine landscapes covered with snow. Far away from the rage of cities, let the magic operates and dive into a world of silence and beauty.

Ardèche Randonnées
Tel : (+33) 7-86-433-781

Family fun await the visitors in Ardeche this winter

Families will also have plenty of fun this winter in Ardèche : Canyons, castles, museums are fantastic sets for the most magical adventures.

At Alba la Romaine Museum, you will be able to take part in Roman celebrations jut like it happened some 2 000 years ago ! Among other things kids will learn that Roman offered Christmas presents related to what they felt like eating. They will learn about La Chandeleur, a Christian tradition Romans would celebrate in February to commemorate the begining of longer days.

At St Clément, children will get up close and personal with bats as they will learn about these mammals in an exhibit. Experimental videos, giant puzzles will complete the experience.

Close to Orgnac, little ones will experience and learn all about our ancestors’ way of life and how they would light a fire. At Cité de la Préhistoire, they will follow an archeologue, dressed like a Cro-Magnon man, to look for mysterious objects.

These are only some of the many adventures Ardèche offers to family this winter. For more info, contact :

MuséAl in Alba-la-Romaine
Ph: (+33) 4-75-52-45-15

L’Ecole du Vent in St Clément
Ph : (+33) 4-75-30-41-01

Grand site Aven d’Orgnac in Orgnac l’Aven
Ph : (+33) 4-75-38-65-10

Museum de l’Ardèche à Balazuc
Tel : (+33) 4-28-40-00-35

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