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Rédigé par The Editors (P.C.) translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 21 Octobre 2015
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FRAM: A. Minchella (Cediv) wants to mobilize the profession in order to save the TO

An appeal for donations

The President of the Cediv, Adriana Minchella, launches an appeal in’s columns to incite travel agencies to mobilize in saving FRAM and avoid the tour-operator’s demise.

Adriana Minchella is the President of the Cediv - Photo DR
Adriana Minchella is the President of the Cediv - Photo DR
Contacted by, she stresses her devotion to the brand and believes “she’s not alone. Many travel agencies care a lot for the tour-operator.”

Also, she decided to send out a plea to the profession: “Why not establish a call for contributions to save FRAM?”

She brings forth the idea of implementing a donations system, on Internet for instance. It would facilitate the creation of funds and a collective to support the potential buyer of Voyages FRAM and give it the means of turning the business around.

“It is our duty to support FRAM”

An operation that would not have a philanthropic objective but that would aim at protecting the profession from the “massive collateral damages” that FRAM’s collapse would induce.

“The entire profession would be shattered. Many travel agencies would be in danger, believes Adriana Minchella. It is our duty to support FRAM, to help it.”

If the project were to materialize, “it obviously wouldn’t avoid a restructuring of the company,” she adds. But “isn’t there another solution than letting FRAM take the stand?”

She concludes by taking the example of Selectour Afat supporting HNA's offer: “The network had the courage to commit. It didn’t work, but it is now our turn to follow in its path!”

The Editors (P.C.) translated by Joséphine Foucher

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