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Soléa to be a pilot company for a B2B website created by Amadeus

The TO is going to expand its production in Tanzania

The tour-operator Soléa is going to adopt a new, more efficient website, produced by Amadeus. It also expects to expand its production on Tanzania and should accompany the futur developments of the hotel group Sun Resorts, its parent company.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 15 Janvier 2015

Travel agents who participated in the educational tour of Soléa’s “experts” last November will be able to test the B2B website by the summer - DR :
Travel agents who participated in the educational tour of Soléa’s “experts” last November will be able to test the B2B website by the summer - DR :
How to adopt a more efficient B2B website without breaking the bank?

The tour-operator Soléa found a solution.

The branch of the Mauritian hotel group Sun Resorts partnered with Amadeus in order to serve as a pilot to test a new software.

After two years of work, the first version expected to be delivered in June 2015 will be up and running for Winter sales.

“I didn’t have the means of putting 500,000 euros on the table to buy an efficient system.

I preferred working with Amadeus in order to create a software that it will then be able to resale to other tour-operators,”
explains Guy Zekri, CEO of Soléa.

This B2B platform will enable, in a first step, to sell simple products (flights-hotels-transfers) and to relieve the call center. These nine advisors will thus be able to focus on more complicated trips.

“Agencies will have direct access to our hotel database to create a trip without having to call us,” he continues.

Tanzania is expanding while waiting for the new Sun Resorts hotels

Thanks to the new website, he hopes to catch up with the competition, particularly Exotismes.

This company has in fact invested 200 to 300,000 euros in a system that will allow to create quotes in 45 seconds.

“Exotismes is very strong in terms of connectivity, I want to do the same,” insures Guy Zekri. These others competitors are already equipped with effective B2B websites.

The director hopes to gain in productivity and reach 26 millions euros in business turnover in 2015, versus 23 million last year, and 25.2 million in 2013.

Despite a difficult year, hampered by the problems in the Maldives and the warnings to travelers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Soléa should end the year in balance.

However, its mean customer purchase, estimated around 2,400 euros, is decreasing a bit.

In terms of destinations, not many new places have been added, the TO stays concentrated in its predilection zone: the Indian Ocean.

It should, however, assist the future developments of the Sun Resorts group that is looking to acquire new properties in the region.

It also hopes to expand its offer on Tanzania, in which it made 300 people travel during its first year of operation.

Guy Zekri believes that there’s a place to take in front of Equatoriales, of which the future is unsure after the Donatello group suspended its payments.

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