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Thalazur packs on new products for 2016

Thalazur celebrates its 15 year anniversary

An essential player of Thalasso therapy in France, Thalazur celebrated its 15 year anniversary on the River Palace barge in Paris, on January 20th, 2016, accompanied by the directors of 8 Thalazur sites. This successful celebration allowed the management of Thalazur to announce, in sneak preview, all of their new products for 2016 in a friendly atmosphere and on the eve of Thermalies that took place from January 21-25, 2016, in Paris.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 25 Janvier 2016

Cryotherapy: the major innovation of Thalazur

Birthday cake for 15 years of Thalazur
Birthday cake for 15 years of Thalazur
Thalazur is enhancing the equipment of Thalazur Cabourg and Thalazur Arcachon by offering clients the joy of innovative technology: a full body cryotherapy cabin.

“This 100% natural technique consists in exposing the patient to very low temperatures (between -130° et -180°) during short timeframes (between 1min30 and 3min), explains Régis Cheze, Director of Thalazur Cabourg, it provides many benefits in terms of wellness and fitness.

Specifically, it eliminates swelling of the legs, fights against water retention, oedema, and poor blood circulation. The treatment takes place under the supervision of a physiotherapist doctor. One session will cost €50 and 10 amount to €410.”

Mineral thalassotherapies: honoring potassium

In 2015, Thalazur decided to bring back the vertus of the sea, seaweed and mineral salts to its treatments, with its partner Agrimer. Together, they developed a range of unique treatments, based on the curative qualities of magnesium and calcium.

In 2016, Thalazur integrates a new mineral: potassium. After studying and testing a supplementation in potassium on 27 cure clients, Thalzur was able to determine that Mineral Thalasso Therapies lead to better muscular recuperation, lower post-exercise pain, and improve muscular capacity.

This treatment is offered in the cures eligible for “Mineral Thalasso Therapies” at no additional cost, in the 8 Thalazur institutes.

Thalasso for adolescents

In 2016, Thalazur hopes to appeal to adolescents. In this way, the brand created appropriate formulas just for them.

“Indeed, some 14-18 year olds go through difficult times, while others hope to share precious wellness moments with their parents,” explains Regis Cheze, Director of Thalazur Cabourg.

Several cures and teen stays are available in different Thalazur institutes:

Thalazur Cabourg: In 2016, the institute offers the “Instant Complice” formula based on 2 days/ 2 nights with 1 half-day of care (4 treatments) allowing for quality time between a parent and his/her teenager.

2 day and 2 night formula with 1 half-day of care (4 treatments)
Base of a Premium double room in half-board
Price starting at €429 per person

Thalazur Ouistreham, pioneer in teen programs at Thalazur, developed in 2016 an offer aimed at adolescents with the “Teen beauty” Stay based on esthetic care that includes an underwater shower, a hydro massage bath, a hydrojet, an Ibeauty treatment, hand beauty treatment, and a capillary ritual.

3 day and 3 nights stay
Base of double room and breakfasts
Price starting at €399 per person

Thalazur Royan offers an “Ado Thalasso style” stay. Two programs were concocted for a first immersion in the thalassotherapy world. In the span of a day, teens will be able to discover a face massage, a relaxing hydrojet, and a hydromassage of Parfums d’Ailleurs. Throughout 3 days, other treatments are included such as a massage by Thalgo, and a massage under a fine seawater shower.

Prices starting at €79 for non guests
Stay of 3 days and 3 nights
Base of double room and breakfasts
Price starting at €429 per person.

Thalazur Antibes turns to adolescents by creating a specific 6 day cure for them. An “adoles sens” wellness program that fuses relaxation, beauty, and athletic activities. This cure of 18 treatments includes marine mud wraps, massages under a fine seawater shower, hand beauty treatment, an aqua bike session, or aquatic session for Abs Fitness or “Marine Vitality.”

6 days and 6 nights cure
Base of double room in half-board
Price starting at €1,098 per person
3 day and 3 night stay
Base of double room and breakfasts
Price starting at €501 per person

Thalasso for men

“Thalazur noticed that men are more and more fond of thalasso and that they are looking for specific cures that meet their expectations, which is why we also decided to expand this sector - explains Régis Cheze, Director of Thalazur Cabourg - after the “Hélianthal Man” cure also offered in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Thalazur takes it further with programs devoted to men, in our institute in Cabourg but also in the one of Port-Camargue.”

Thalazur Cabourg created the cure “Masculine Firmness”, a customized program around the theme of sports and thinness, the two strong values of the institute.

The association of the qualities of firming, remodeling, and slimming treatments to physical and athletic practices in salt water allow to regain top physical shape.

6 days and 6 nights cure, 30 treatments
Base of double Premium room in half-board
Price starting at €1,998 per person
3 days and 3 nights stay, 9 treatments
Base double Premium room and breakfasts
Price starting at €765 per person

Thalazur Port-Camargue offers men an exclusive «Optim’man» cure to help them regain their energy through tonicity and Fitness vitality, relaxation, and back treatment. A tailor-made program adapted to men’s needs was elaborated by the experts of Thalazur Port-Camargue.

The cure “Optim’man”, in addition to the indisputable benefits of salt water treatments, offers 5 body massages along with specific treatments such as osteopathy to relieve back pains.

6 day and 6 night cure, 24 treatments
Base of double room in half-board
Price starting at €1,536 per person

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Thalazur fait le plein de nouveautés pour 2016

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