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Alsace region : The "Little Prince Park", will open its doors early July

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The Little Prince Amusement Park : D-90. A poetic and playful theme park, the Little Prince Park, will open its doors early July in the heart of the Alsace region (Ungersheim – Haut Rhin.) A unique“French twist” concept, it will be the first “air” park in the world.

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Alsace region : The "Little Prince Park", will open its doors early July
“The future is nothing more than the present to sort through. Your task is not to foresee it, but to enable it.” Antoine de Saint Exupéry

Proposed in December 2013, this bold project will face three major challenges : rebuild and open an amusement park of 24 hectares in just 6 months, the first park of this size in France since many years, turn it quickly profitable in an economically uncertain context and succeed the two aforementioned challenges with the means of French SME : Aérophile.

Three major forces are at work to meet these challenges : The first is to do justice to the almost unmatched success of the book “The Little Prince.”

This literary phenomenon, published in 1943, is world famous.

With over 150 million copies sold, 13 million in France, its translation in 275 languages, and with its 400 millions readers, The Little Prince is the 3rd most popular book in the world.

The poetic and philosophic world of The Little Prince is enjoyed by all ages, from 7 to 99 years old.

Yet, a theme park project in its honor had yet never been proposed to this day.

The second concerns the unique idea of a children’s amusement park fully dedicated to aeronautics. As the leader in air balloon flights, Aérophile took on the task of developing innovative and spectacular attractions, in perfect harmony with the world of Saint Exupéry.

31 attractions will be offered to the public around 3 themes

Flying, with two captive balloons that will illustrate the Little Prince’s two planets – The King’s Planet and the Lamplighter’s planet – an Airbar – a flying bar 35 meters high – flying chairs, an airousel – a carousel based on an aeronotic theme, The Night Flight, an adventure full of surprises, or a trip onboard a real Antonov 2 – the largest biplane in the world from the 1940s.

The planet to planet trip, in 2D, 3D, and 4D – in 4 large movie theaters: the Little Prince adventures, astronomy questions, the Wings of Courage or the Underwater planet.

The Animals, with the farm, the butterfly garden and its immersive tunnel, Dancing with the sheep thanks to Gaia, the Little Prince park’s own Border Collie, a rustic promenade in a labyrinth to get lost in the middle of roses or to look for a fountain.

Finally, “Meet the Foxes”, an exclusive attraction featuring young baby foxes.

The third force of the project is the Region. Alsace, and more specifically the location on which the Little Prince Park will be built, is gifted with incredible weather.

Ideal for air balloon flights, it is one of the least advertised regions in France. Once in the sky, visitors will overlook one of the most spectacular views in France (such the Vosges area, and the Black Forest up to the Alps.)

Finally, the park is located at the heart of Europe (at the border of Germany and Switzerland), in the middle of a basin of over 10 million inhabitants.

All of the activities will be offered in 2 languages: French and German. Kicking-off ticket sales 90 days before the grand opening.

The website has been launched : with tickets for purchase online and the establishment of partnerships for ticket distribution. Ticket prices: €22 for adults and €16 for children.

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