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Electronic Flight Bag : Iberia pilots adopt iPad on board

savings in fuel estimated at 150,000 euros per month

The “Electronic Flight Bag” will make it possible to eliminate all paper cockpit documents and manuals used, increasing safety and efficiency, and saving CO2 emissions by reducing weight by 60 kg. Initially Iberia will equip five of its Airbus A320s with two devices each, to be used by the captain and the co-pilot. iPad applications will enable pilots to handle paperwork and perform all calculations needed to prepare and operate the flights, enhancing overall safety.

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Mardi 18 Février 2014

Iberia is to be the first Spanish airline to equip cockpits with the “Electronic Flight Bag”, iPads to replace the checklists, manuals, and other paper documents used in flight preparations and operations, and even to perform the calculations needed.

The devices will increase efficiency and safety, while reducing aircraft weight by some 60 kg., for overall savings in fuel worth an estimated 150,000 euros per month for the airline in short and medium haul flights.

These electronic devices will provide instant access to all the aircraft manuals, and to allow pilots to perform calculations of speed and distance during all phases of the flight.

This application will enable then to view navigation maps and detailed airport maps. The use of the devices is expected to facilitate pilots’ work and to enhance safety and efficiency.

b[Iberia has already fitted one Airbus A320 [EC-ILP] with iPads]b for both captain and co-pilot, and is soon to equip an additional four short- and medium-haul aircraft with the devices, which will remain connected to the aircraft’s electrical system at all times.

Testing will be carried out in coordination with Spain’s AESA air safety authority to ensure that the devices meet stringent safety and reliability standards as flight instruments.

Meanwhile, Iberia has trained a group of 100 pilots to use them, and when approval is received from AESA the iPads will be brought into service.

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