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“Mes sorties culture”: website of unique guided tours

aggregator of guided visits

“Mes Sorties Cultures” is a website that aggregates guided tours with the ambition of becoming the reference for guided tours in France by offering particularly unique and comprehensive visits. Available in French, English, Spanish, and soon in Chinese and German, this website is loved by leading institutions, such as the Versailles Castle or Louvre Museum, and some of its clients include emblematic organism like Paris Museums.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 25 Avril 2016

How does it work?

Based on a simple search system, including criteria for wheelchair access along with others pertaining to location, theme, date and hour, the website is functional and easy to use.

Created one year ago, Mes Sorties Cultures has over 800 pages of guided tours and already attracted 32,000 visitors.

As explained Odile Dussaucy, Founder of “Mes sorties culture”, visitors wanted to “learn about the small and great history of a castle, museum, exhibit, a company in operation, a neighborhood; they wished to exchange, ask questions, and go beyond what it presented.”

Information that expands the guided tours

Other than mapping out all the guided tours offered in France, "Mes Sorties Culture” expands its offer by:

- suggesting books and movies in relation to the visit
- providing restaurant ideas located near the tour
- giving the possibility of carpooling to the location of the guided tour
- offering comments of previous and/or Mes Sorties Cultures visitors on the visit

Odile adds “the joy of a guided tour is sometimes paired with another pleasure like enjoying a nice meal.

This is why we sometimes offer a selection of restaurants that we handpick based on their hospitality, the quality of their services and rates. And we also wanted to offer recommendations of books, films, or articles for a deeper look beyond the visit.”

Here are a few examples of some unique guided tour

- “Naughty Paris”: For 1h45, this guided tour charts the history of the great courtesans and of Paris’ most famous brothels. A mixture of myths and legends, extravagances and alcove secrets, a visit that is rich, captivating, and original. Rate: €12 (free for children under 12.)

- “Garrigue Secrets”: the ideal family outing to discover the garrigue and limestone plateaux with this 3 hour long guided tour. A family tour to discover garrigue, its history, landscapes, and the preserved nature of the Cèze canyons, with a guided tours of the Cave, the astonishing and majestic Kingdom of Crystal Giants. Rates: €13 adults, €10 child.

More information:

"Mes sorties culture" : le site des visites guidées originales

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