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New York-JFK : a brand new Air France Lounge

International Edition (Americas)

December 8, 2014, Air France inaugurated its fully renovated lounge at the heart of New York-JFK airport, located in Terminal 1. Exclusively reserved for customers traveling in La Première, Business and Flying Blue Elite Plus members, this lounge features a host of services in a warm and private atmosphere, offering customers even greater comfort and relaxation before their trip.

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Air France picture
Air France picture
The new light-filled lounge welcomes customers in a relaxing environment.

White and wood tones dominate the area, enhanced by touches of red, the Company's signature color.

A large mezzanine offers an impressive view of the runways. The curved architectural lines are signed by design and branding agency, Brandimage.

On arriving in the lounge, customers can obtain all the information they need about their trip from Air France agents at the reception desk.

Two buffets featuring hot and cold snacks, as well as a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (champagne, French wines, etc.), revisit French cuisine with a selection of fresh produce and gourmet dishes.

The range of dishes on offer depends on the time of day. On night flights, customers can choose to dine before boarding, and can make the most of the trip to relax.

At the heart of the lounge, a relaxation area with subdued lighting offers comfortable seats. Nearby, customers can relax on loungers. A Clarins well-being area offers beauty treatments free of charge. Customers also have access to shower stalls complete with Clarins products.

It is also possible to work in quiet conditions thanks to free Wi-Fi access. Moreover, a wide selection of local and international press is available in French and English.

VIP Area for La Première customers

La Première customers receive a personalized welcome on their arrival at New York-JFK airport.

They are accompanied to the lounge, where a VIP area is exclusively reserved for them. In this private area, located on the mezzanine, they can enjoy dishes signed by Joel Robuchon and served by a Maitre d'Hôtel.

In close to forty airports throughout the world, Air France offers its customers access to lounges for fast and easy access through the airport.

At the Paris-Charles de Gaulle hub, Business and Flying Blue Elite Plus customers benefit from six lounges on departure of their flight (Terminal 2E, 2F and 2G) and a lounge on their arrival (Terminal 2C).

La Première customers have access to a totally exclusive lounge located in Terminal 2E.

Whether you're looking to relax, eat or work far from the hustle and bustle of the airport, the Company designs its lounges like real havens of peace.

As part of its overall strategy to upgrade all its products and services, Air France is constantly improving its offer.

Like in New York, the Air France lounges in Cayenne, Munich and the lounge located at Terminal 2E hall K at Paris-Charles de Gaulle, as well as the lounge located in Hall 4 at Paris-Orly, have been completely renovated to offer more comfort and services before the customers' trip.

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