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Open Sky: Ryanair prepares to land in Tunisia

The low-cost is negotiating with Tunisian authorities

Ryanair could soon open a flight towards Tunisia. The company’s management is currently undertaking talks with competent Tunisian authorities in order to materialize this project.

Rédigé par Pierre Coronas translated by Joséphine Foucher le Samedi 20 Juin 2015

Ryanair could soon be flying to Tunisia - Photo: Ryanair
Ryanair could soon be flying to Tunisia - Photo: Ryanair
It is not yet an open sky. But it is starting to look like it.

Through punctual opening of lines under bilateral agreements, Tunisia has been opening its sky a little more in the last few months.

After Transavia, easyJet, Vueling, and TUIFly who announced the opening of new lines towards various Tunisian cities, Ryanair should be the next low-cost airline company to serve the country.

In fact, in the last few weeks, the management of the Irish transporter has been undertaking discussions with Tunisian authorities on the project of opening a new flight.

New meetings are even underway. “Ryanair will soon come in to negotiate,” confirms Abdellatif Hamam, Executive Director of the Office of National Tunisian Tourism (ONTT).

“There is a project. They requested a meeting with the ministry of tourism and ONTT. In these talks, we play the role of a communication facilitator with different authorities.”

According to our information, the flight would land in a regional airport. It could be that of Tabarka.

Ryanair “in talks with over 30 airports”

As for Ryanair, there is no confirmation. But the company doesn’t deny anything either.

Through the intermediary of a spokesperson, the low-cost company states feeling rejoiced over the recent declarations of the Tunisian Tourism Minister, Selma Elloumi Rekik.

During a meeting with French tourism professionals, she declared “The open sky? We’re getting there!”

“Ryanair fixed itself ambitious growth goals and is expecting to go from 90 million annual passengers to 160 million by 2024. This must go through the service of new airports and the conquer of new markets,” adds the transporter’s spokesperson.

“We are currently discussing with more than 30 airports in Europe and North Africa interested in hosting Ryanair flights.

We are satisfied with our experiences in Morocco. In only a few years, we have contributed to develop air traffic and tourism in that country thanks to the extent of our network in Europe and our low rates. We will certainly be able to do the same in Tunisia where we have the means to reinforce and develop the tourism industry.”

“Tunisia can be a unique regional platform”

If the project materializes, it will certainly be the product to a binational agreement in the first place. Thus, Ryanair will leave from Ireland to reach Tunisia.

But this would enable the low-cost to put a foot in the country while waiting for the complete opening of the Tunisian sky. To then eventually set up a regional base.

This is certainly within the plans of easyJet that serves Monastir from London-Stansted since June 2nd, 2014, of Vueling that serves from Barcelona, Tunis during the entire summer season 2015, and that will fly towards Djerba from June 20th to September 5th, of TUIFly that will link Hanovre and Enfidha from June 29th through October 9th 2015, and Transavia that already serves Tunis, Monastir, and Djerba from France.

“Today, many airline companies see the opportunities that Tunisia offers. It could be a unique regional platform. They understand that it is now time for them to position themselves,” analyzes Abdellatif Hamam.

But for this, we will need to wait a bit longer. Because, as expressed the Executive Director of ONTT, the Tunisian government is waiting for its national company, Tunisair, to catch up before establishing the open sky.

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