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Operation Instagramers in the hotels of the group New Hotel

A concrete example of an Instagram communication campaign

From the 19th to 21st of next June, the group of 3 and 4 star hotels in France and Belgium will host French and foreign instagramers in its establishments in Marseille. An original way to promote the brand and its touristic offer on the social network. New Hotel thus hopes to reinforce its popularity amongst a younger and more connected target, on par with the clientele of the hotel group.

Rédigé par Mathilde Khlat translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 10 Juin 2015

A instragram photo exhibit will be inaugurated on June 20th at the New Hotel of Marseille until next July 4th. ©New Hotel
A instragram photo exhibit will be inaugurated on June 20th at the New Hotel of Marseille until next July 4th. ©New Hotel
We were talking about social networks and particularly Instagram.

The application, bought-out by Facebook in 2012, has become one of the social networks with the highest commitment rate amongst its members.

The hotel group, New Hotel, wants to surf that wave.

The two Marseille establishments, the New Hotel Bompard and the New Hotel Marseille are going to be pioneers in a first event of its kind, led in partnership with the Marseille Instagram community, @IgersMarseille (the most active and most followed in the region.)

The group invites 16 influential instagramers*, coming from all over France and beyond, from June 19th to the 21st.

The goal? For them to discover and experience the services offered by the two hotels. And, in turn, promote the brand.

Close to 1,650 photos have been sent

For this first Instagram operation, the group collaborated with the agency Digital Adrenaline, an expert in digital strategy.

“Instagram is a magic tool to interact with a passionate and ultra-active community.

With this operation, we wished to prolong these exchanges by interacting physically with the community through different events during a weekend,” testifies Patrick Leimbert, aka @pleimb, in charge of New Hotel’s digital strategy.

For the time of a weekend, an Instagram photo exhibit will be inaugurated from June 20th through July 4th, at the New Hotel of Marseille.

This is the culmination of a photo challenge organized beforehand by the hotel group.

Last May 19th to the 31st, the people of Marseille, and all of those in love with the Mediterranean city, were invited to post photos illustrating a “different Marseille” linked by the hashtags #exponewhotel2015, #newhotel13 and #igersmarseille.

In total, close to 1,650 photos were posted.

Architecture, secret beaches, life scenes, or unique moments, all of the perks of Marseille were showcased to best illustrate the authenticity and singularity of France’s oldest city.

Amongst all of these visuals, 40 photos were selected to be exhibited at the New Hotel of Marseille.

An “instameet” will be organized between Instagramers from Marseille and national influencers on Saturday 20th in the afternoon.

“With over 300 million active users and more than 70 million published photos every day, Instagram provides an unavoidable visibility to develop one’s e-reputation.

The photo is the most shared content on Internet, the image is the universal language par excellence, and it is accessible to everyone thanks to the advent of the smartphone.

"We are proud of our collaboration with the group New Hotel, the enthusiasm of our community through various participations in competitions and the attendance, for the event, of Philippe Gonzalez, the creator of the Instagramers community, and of Hervé bois, manager of Instagram France, who is making the buzz which is already turning this event into a success,” explains Jc Luong aka @fotomaniak, manager @igersMarseille.

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