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Summer 2014 : Vueling launches Seville and Malaga at the Lyon-Saint- Exupéry Airport

International Edition (Europe)

Based in Lyon since 2012, Vueling Airlines extends its offer for summer 2014. Strengthened by the success of the previous years, Vueling provides more seats to the Lyonnais travellers, to Barcelona and to Palma de Majorca, and launches two new direct routes: Seville and Malaga

Rédigé par le Jeudi 17 Avril 2014

Vueling, the leading airline at the Barcelona-El Prat airport, continues to grow at Lyon-Saint-Exupéry airport with the imminent launch of two new routes for the summer 2014.

On Saturday 19 of April, the company will inaugurate its two new direct lines departing from Lyon: Seville and Malaga.

For the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry / Malaga-Costa route, Vueling will operate 2 flights per week, on Monday and Sunday, until October. Vueling provides more than 19 500 seats, ticket prices starting from 64.99 euros one-way.

For the Lyon-Saint-Exupéry / Seville route, Vueling will operate 2 flights per week, on Monday and Sundayalso, until September . Overall, Vueling provides more than 17 200 seats, ticket prices starting from 54.99 euros one-way.

The airline reinforce its offer towards Barcelona for the summer 2014

Present in Lyon since 2012, the airline reinforces also its offer towards Barcelona for the summer 2014, providing more than 140 000 seats, that is to say an increase of 16 % over the previous season.

It also broadens its summer link towards Palma de Majorca, launched in March 2012.

This route will remain in function until October, with two flights per week. Vueling puts on sale more than 19 400 seats, meaning an increase of 10 % over the previous season.

For the Lyonnais passengers, the network of Vueling destinations is further expanding thanks to connected flights proposed by the company via the Terminal 1 of Barcelona-El-prat Airport.

These travellers are thus connected to more than 117 destinations all over Europe, likewise in Morocco (Nador, Fez, Tangier and Marrakech), in Gambia (Banjul), and in Senegal (Dakar), in addition to Algeria (Algiers and Oran), and the Middle East (Tel Aviv and Beirut).

Tickets are available on the website, in travel agency, tour operators,

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