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Uncle Dom's Column: when faced with terrorism, we resist, we do not bow down!

The column of Dominique Gobert

It is hard to find words when faced with such horror! We, who live in this world of tourism, that we view, before all, as a world of peace, cultural exchanges, and discoveries. Of friendliness and tolerance, mutual respect. Of happiness. It is troubling to discover that all of that is replaced by sadness and the pernicious shadow of war…

Rédigé par Dominique Gobert translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 17 Novembre 2015

Uncle Dom's Column: when faced with terrorism, we resist, we do not bow down!
The mad hairy men have struck. Hard. Brutal. Hateful.

Indiscriminately, killing at random women, children, young and old alike… With no distinction of race or religion.

At the Stade de France, at the Petit Cambodge, Bataclan, Cité Phalsbourg, a small quiet alley of the 11th district where jews, muslims, catholics, protestants, atheists gathered to enjoy a pleasant moment. In complete harmony.

Americans, Russians, Japanese, Chinese, and many tourists from the world who came to discover France’s capital were there, without fear.

Many left in wooden boxes…

Kids who simply came to listen to music will take away these last notes to the grave.

Spoiled lives that they had barely started.

Today, the capital is empty, visitors are canceling their trips and those remaining discover in shock an atmosphere of war.

Uncle Dom's Column: when faced with terrorism, we resist, we do not bow down!
Oh, not a war in the traditional sense. No, a sneaky, coward war, a war where there are no militaries but ugly thugs who follow no laws, rules, other than that of terror!

In France, we have moral, and especially, human values. Our lifestyle is directed by the principles of liberty, equality, and fraternity.

And we are also the country of Human Rights.

This is essential and, no matter what happens, we must absolutely maintain these values, our values.

I have been hearing lots of people saying that security is not guaranteed in France. That all of this is the President’s fault… This is grotesque and stupid. If not indecent.

Even if our intelligence services knew that our country was particularly targeted by these lunatics of evil, who would have been capable of suspecting shootings on the terraces of bistrots? Who?

Today, in France, we are faced with this ignominy. As long as it takes place in a faraway place, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria, we feel less affected.

Of course we sympathize. Of course, we share solidarity. Of course, it’s sad. But as long is doesn’t take place on our soil…

Today, French tourism professionals will meet in Marseille, for their conference.

I’ll take this opportunity to applaud the determination of Jean-Pierre Mas, President of the Snav, who insisted on maintaining this meeting despite the horror of last Friday the 13th…

“We do not bow down to terrorism,” he justified in our columns.

I completely agree: we love life, we love our freedom, we love love, and no one will ever take that away from us!

Naively, I want to say that life must go on…

I really loved the response of Thierry Maillet, our friend from Française des Circuits, who was trapped Friday night at the Bataclan and who was lucky to get out unscathed.

When I asked him if he had the intention of continuing to attend concerts or festivals, I felt his face light up over the phone with his familiar smile and a note of surprise at the incongruity of my question.

“But of course, he replied, life will not stop!”

For this, we must resist, even if it is difficult. On my end, I am afraid, it is true, but I believe that this fear makes us stronger.


And I’ll take the opportunity to express my deepest and warmest thoughts to the Reibenberg family, whose soul has once again been deeply touched.

My warmest regards.

PS. And for pleasure, here is why we must resist. An American said this, and it is spot on...

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