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Uncle Dom’s words: a paradise increasingly close to hell...

Dominique Gobert's Column

I could poke fun at the SNCF and its too wide trains. A little easier, especially since I cannot believe such stupidity. Oh well... Unfortunately, it is a much more serious issue I want to address today.

Rédigé par Dominique Gobert translated by Joséphine Foucher le Vendredi 23 Mai 2014

Uncle Dom’s words: a paradise increasingly close to hell...
Take the brochure of any tour operator.

The Maldives, a dream destination, luxury, sun, heaven. Okay, this is not a low-cost destination, but that is not the issue.

The Maldives since 2012, is represented by a "tougher" government (I pay attention, there are lots of killjoys who take everything to the letter without fully reading.)

Let’s remember that in the name of religion, the government tried to ban all hotels that are blooming in the sun of the archipelago islands, any Wellness facilities, such as spas, Thalasso and everything related to beauty especially towards women.

Even though I know a lot of guys who like these treatments as well...

Tourism in the Maldives represents about 30% of the country's economy.

Obviously, in front of the outcry raised by this decision, the threat from tour operators of not sending any more clients to this paradise has incited the government to quickly drop this measure…

However in Paradise Maldives, happiness isn’t a daily reality. Now it seems we’re going back to the Middle Ages (and that’s being reasonable.)

The measure is very recent, but unfortunately very real. In the name of religion, while the Maldives signed a long time ago the World Charter of Children's Rights, the death penalty has been restored.

Already, this is not very pleasant, but it has been restored including for children ... at the start of seven years old.

A kid who steals an apple and bam, death! No pity in paradise. Similarly, a young girl who is raped, same thing. Death by stoning. And move along, there's nothing to see here.

The kids who will not have reached the legal age at the time of their abominable crime will have the right, however, to wait until they turn 18 before going to the gallows!

Uncle Dom’s words: a paradise increasingly close to hell...
Unfortunately, this is not a joke!

And, sorry, but I cannot stand this. Nothing to do.

Because tourism, responsible for influencing trends also needs to keep some ethics, some ethics to please my few detractors.

It is true that tourists vacationing in the Maldives don’t really have the opportunity to meet the locals.

Most of the time, they do not leave their hotels... But at the same time, they are in Paradise and in Paradise, the devil does not exist…

It is also true that the information has gone rather unnoticed. However, I wish the tour operators concerned (there are many) had reacted.

After all, the Seto was not created for dogs.

At the same time, I ask myself the question that will inevitably come to mind, at least I hope so: should we boycott this destination?

Economically, it can make the ayatollahs of all kinds reflect a bit, for whom money from tourists is not so dirty after all.

On the other hand, sustainable tourism can also, by going on site, show a different face, more human, of today’s world.

I’m thinking a TO who, a few years ago, facing the rise of fascist hatred in Hungary, had simply deleted the destination from its catalog.

I confess I do not have the answer. I want this Europe that we are going to elect this weekend to help us find an answer.

There are times when I'd like to be Batman or Zorro rather, he has a beautiful horse!

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