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Yerres : 40 masterpieces by Gustave Caillebotte presented from April-July 2014

Edition Internationale (Europe)

Only 20 minutes from Paris, come to discover : Yerres, the other capital of Impressionism. For the first time, nearly 40 masterpieces by Gustave Caillebotte will be presented in his Yerroise property, where they were painted. This great event of Impressionism is all the more exceptional as these works have for the most part never been exhibited to the public.

Rédigé par le Mercredi 12 Mars 2014

Some of the largest museums in the world are associated with this major cultural event happening in 2014.

Nearly 40 paintings from the collections of the National Gallery in Washington, the Milwaukee Art Museum, Indiana University Art Museum in Bloomington, the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Rennes, Museums Orsay and Marmottan Monet Paris will be exhibited next to works lent by the Caillebotte family and private collectors.

Gustave Caillebotte was 12 years old when his parents settled into the Yerroise property that became their summer residence.

From 1875 to 1879 he painted some of his most important paintings in the family property where there is a mansion, several outbuildings, a large park along the river, factories and a vegetable garden.

This place has been fundamental in the inspiration of the artist, it also offers a wide variety of reasons to paint : the park, the river, the garden, the recreational boaters on the river all act as subjects of the painters compositions.

It was this moment that defined the style of Caillebotte, its modern subjects represented in a new way allowing him to become one of the most original Impressionist painters.

"The exhibition will be held in the " Ferme Ornée "

The paintings he made in the Yerres family property contribute to an essential part of the artistic revolution by the Impressionists.

These are works that will exhibited at Yerres, in the same places that inspired them and in the same place that they were painted.

The property has belonged to the town of Yerres since 1973, who fully restored it and allowed the property to regain its appearance and to show it how it was in the time of Caillebotte with it’s large white house adorned with colonnades, called Casin, his farm called "Ferme Ornée" which serves as an exhibition space, the orangery, the icebox, the vegtable garden and park of 11 hectares bordered by the river.

The Property was registered in the "l’Inventaire Supplémentaire des Monuments Historiques " in 2012 and labelled " Maison des Illustres " by the Ministry of Culture.

"The exhibition will be held in the " Ferme Ornée " of the Propriété Caillebotte showing forty paintings by the artist, including a very famous triptych painted in 1878, which consists of a fisher, bathers at the l’Yerres et Périssoires sur l’Yerres, which symbolizes the art of the painter and reflects his philosophy. It also celebrates Partie de Bateau (also called Canotier au chapeau haut de forme) in its unforgettable pose, many views of the park and garden.

The exhibition will allow visitors to then go to all parts of the property and the water's edge to see the patterns and sights that have been painted by the artist.

The Property Caillebotte Yerres is the equivalent of Monet's studio with his garden in Giverny it is a mecca of Impressionism that the city Yerres will make known and reveal to the public"
, said Serge Lemoine, Emeritus Professor at the Sorbonne and former president of the Musée d’Orsay.

Propriété Caillebotte
8, rue de Concy 91330 Yerres (Essonne - 91)
RER D - 20 minutes from Gare de Lyon

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