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DreamJet: a new airline company 100% business class for the summer?

Yvelin Frantz, founder of the company “l'Avion”, wants to resurrect the concept of a low-cost business airline between Paris and New York. Its first flight is scheduled to take off next July, even though the authorizations of the DGAC and the U.S. Department of Transportation are still pending. Tickets will be on sale on the GDS and directly online.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 20 Mai 2014

Yvelin Frantz, former founder of “l'Avion” wants to launch by next July a new 100% business airline between Paris and New York -Luc Verkuringen Wikipedia DR
Yvelin Frantz, former founder of “l'Avion” wants to launch by next July a new 100% business airline between Paris and New York -Luc Verkuringen Wikipedia DR
Is the "l'Avion" company going to be resurrected?

This is certainly the intention of Yvelin Frantz, its former founder, who wants to start by next July a new 100% business airline between Paris and New York.

His project, called DreamJet, recycles the concept of “l'Avion”, created in 2007 with Marc Rochet.

The first results seemed promising, but the creators had chosen resell their brand in 2009 for €68 million to British Airways.

Yvelin Frantz seems to now want to return to business. "I want to democratize the business class and attack the golden seats provided by conventional companies" he declared Sunday in an interview on RTL.

First flights to take off next July

Partnered with Peter Luethi, a former employee of Swissair and Jet Airways, he raised the sum of €30 million from private investors.

According to the website Air Info, the businessman Charles Beigbeder will also play a part in the game.

The latter had already tapped into the world of tourism by launching HappyTime gift boxes, but was then placed under compulsory liquidation in 2012.

Dreamjet hopes to fly its first aircraft next July to New York with a Boeing 757-200 that has already been received. Yvelin Frantz has already signed for a second unit.

The Cabin Crew recruitment began in May through the training company Formair under the supervision of Philippe Jocqueviel previously at Air Austral. We are talking about the approximate creation of 50 jobs at first.

Regarding prices, Frantz Yvelin ensures the company will offer very attractive prices between 30% and 50% lower than the competition.

His target: the owners and managers of SMEs. "DreamJet will solve the equation between the physical pain of traveling in economy, and the financial pain of a business class fare."

His offer will be sold on the GDS and directly online.

But before launching, he will have to wait for the authorizations of U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT ), which are still pending. For its part, the DGAC ensures that the issuance of the carrier certificate will not pose any particular problems.

Finally, all that is left to do is finding a catchy name, DreamJet being only the name of the project, which will provide him as fast of a takeoff as his previous startup: “l'Avion.”

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