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Sixt promotes the opening of franchise agencies in the USA

provider of mobility want develop its internationalization

Sixt and the Sixt franchise USA are going to announce the opening of several franchise agencies and signings of the franchise to strengthen their network within the United States. This global site is destined to recruit potential franchisees to pave the way for the German providers of mobility in the United States.

Rédigé par La Rédaction le Mercredi 26 Février 2014

Over the last months the franchise agencies opened their doors for travelers who pass the airports of Las Vegas, Charlotte and Myrtle Beach while those in Hartford and West Haven (Connecticut) and Springfield (Massachusetts) are destined for local costumers.

Sixt is looking for success-orientated franchisees to expand their network within the States and of course in Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America, so the provider of mobility can develop its internationalization.

“Within the last year we worked hard on our offers for franchise in the United States and the results are still positive in 2014,” told Craig Olson, vice-president of Sixt’s franchise development in North America.

In addition to that, franchise agencies already have signed contracts for more agencies that will open within the next weeks. For example in Austin (Texas), Weehawken (New Jersey) and several cities of Florida.

“Independent car distributers, car dealers and owners of carrying businesses are eligible candidates for the Sixt franchise.

We will continue our recruitment campaign especially at certain mobility exhibitions like the Convention of the national automobile dealer association and the exhibition of car rentals,”
added Craig Olson.

Within the whole year of 2014 franchise agencies will be opened. Sixt uses the franchise system as instrument to smooth the way for entering the American market and others all around the world.

As number 1 of car rentals in multiple countries like Germany and Israel Sixt is found in 105 countries with more than 4000 agencies, 145 of them in France where the corporation exists since 1997.

The Sixt group has put orders with a value of 1,6 mrd € in 2012 into practice and employs more than 3000 people around the world (franchises not included).

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