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The MuPOP in Montluçon (Allier): a unique, must-see, museum

At the center of France, at the heart of the Montluçon medieval city, the MuPOP is an innovative museum of 3300 m². It showcases all genres of popular music in a fun and interactive manner. It is the only museum of this type in the world.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 7 Avril 2016

Jukebox at the MuPOP (photo: MuPOP)
Jukebox at the MuPOP (photo: MuPOP)
A museum mapped out in a musical route

With headphones on, the visitor is transported into different musical universes: from jazz, to rock, going through music ball, pop music, electronica…

It invites for total immersion in unique sound experiences to share among family or friends. The route is organized according to 6 spaces of eclectic atmospheres from the late 18th century to the 1990s, animated with visual and musical shows.

The room of the machines

In this space, the visitor can explore the fabrication techniques of music: digital music, lights, images, sounds, vibrations… All of the latest technologies are exhibited to awake the senses and create a unique universe.

Instrumental path

The museum is rich with 3,500 instruments and collectable items: medieval fiddle, bagpipes, accordions, percussions, acoustic guitars, electric guitars…

Interactivity at MuPop

“The Individual Listening Mobile System SEM was specifically created for the museum. It is composed of an open headset and fine pointer linked to 150 independent listening points. Throughout this route, you can choose whichever music you want to listen to based on your tastes. In total, more than 8 hours of music are available for listening. Many visitors get caught up and don’t see time pass. Some even stayed in the museum until closing hours without even realizing it” explains Eric Bourgougnon, curator of the MuPOP.

Practical Information

3 rue Notre-Dame
03100 Montluçon
Phone: 04 70 02 19 60

Rates : entrance at €9,50

Allier Tourism Office:

Getting to Allier ?


Paris – Moulins : 300 km
Paris – Vichy : 360 km
Paris – Montluçon : 326 km
Lyon – Moulins : 189 km
Lyon – Vichy : 163 km
Lyon – Montluçon : 240 km

> From Paris, A71 (Montluçon) or A6, A77, N7 (Moulins)
> From Toulouse, A20, A89, A71 (Montluçon, Vichy)
> From Lyon, A72, A71 (Montluçon, Vichy), A6, N79 (RCEA) or N7 (Moulins)

By train

Paris – Moulins : 2h26
Paris – Vichy : 2h53
Paris – Montluçon : 3h03
Lyon – Moulins : 2h27
Lyon – Vichy : 1h52
Lyon – Montluçon : 3h48

By plane

Clermont-Ferrand International Airport (04 73 62 71 00)

Le MuPOP à Montluçon (Allier): un musée original à ne pas manquer

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