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Voyéo, the Parisian agency, is struggling in recruiting experienced ticket agents

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It is not always easy for a small independent company to recruit experienced employees. The Voyéo managers, who want to develop their “business trip” branch, are currently experiencing these difficulties.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mercredi 14 Mai 2014

Voyéo, the Parisian agency, is struggling in recruiting experienced ticket agents
Currently hiring to support its growth, this is an exciting prospect for tourism company.

The Paris-based agency Voyeo is hiring two ticket retailers with 4 to 5 years of experience to develop it "business trip" branch, which already accounts for 60% of its €5 million turnover.

It also hopes to hire one or two technical sales representative in the leisure sector, with at least 5 years of experience.

But today, recruiting experienced agents is not easy.

Carole Defosse, Deputy Director in charge of recruitment is having a difficulty finding the perfect match for the position, despite various ads in the press, in recruiting offices and within the Manor network.

"I'm quite surprised by our difficulties because the proposed remuneration is rather interesting compared to the average wages proposed by our competitors," she says.

Motivated and versatile sellers

She had to lower her expectations, offering 35 hours CDI instead of 39 hours while maintaining the same salary.

However, the first applications she received did not charmed her.

"I expect more motivation, a real desire to get involved in our successful business project."

Indeed, Voyeo, with a staff of six people, plans to garner a revenue of €8 million in 18 months and hopes to surpass the €20 million mark very soon.

The company just has to find the employees needed for this expansion.

Carole Defosse has already received several applications from former employees of large business networks who were laid off by restructuring plans.

These profiles hardly seduce her. "They are used to having very specific responsibilities whereas we want someone who can handle the whole booking process: from billing to client satisfaction, while going through the BSP and SNCF statements in between" she says.

She would like to find candidates who come from small independent agencies like hers.

Versatile and responsive people who will have the strengths necessary to engage in these high responsibility positions. "Which is a lot more interesting than just selling tickets," she says.

Candidates who wish to apply can send their applications to

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