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Wilderness Safaris to open Iconic Camp in Namibia : Hoanib Skeleton Coast

Wilderness Safaris is thrilled to welcome Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp to its suite of camps in Namibia’s remote Kaokoveld. Scheduled to open in August 2014, the remote camp is a perfect starting point for a series of adrenalin-packed adventures, like game drives to one of the greatest concentrations of desert-adapted elephant and lion or scenic flights over the famous Skeleton Coast.

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Hoanib takes exclusivity a step further as it is only accessible by light aircraft and the camp itself consists of only seven twin-bedded tents and one family unit, each comprising stylish en-suite bedrooms with shaded outdoor decks.

Stark mountains, vast plains, dry riverbeds – and a fascinating wildlife

The area seems like a lunar landscape. Scenically located in the private Palmwag Concession straddling the Palmwag area and Skeleton Coast National Park, the camp is set in a land of stark mountains, vast plains, and dry riverbeds inhabited by wildlife that has adapted seemingly miraculously to the arid conditions.

Despite the arid environs, one of the greatest concentrations of desert-adapted elephant can be found within this extraordinary area – along with sightings of gemsbok, giraffe, springbok, and possibly even lion and black rhino.

Exploring the territory on foot, by vehicle and by air

Exploring the territory on foot, by vehicle and by air, small groups led by expert Wilderness Safaris guides can look forward to marvelling at the ancient Welwitschia plant, following elephant herds and other wildlife, and savouring endless coastlines and landscapes unfolding untouched for hundreds of kilometres.

Forays into the Hoanib floodplains

For the first time, forays into the Hoanib floodplains (previously restricted inside the Skeleton Coast National Park) can be undertaken; this includes the strange upwelling of fresh water at a series of oases in the middle of the shifting Namib Desert.

On itineraries of three or more nights, scenic flights will explore the shores of the world-famous Skeleton Coast.

This exclusive Classic Camp will comprise eight tents (including one family unit) and is expected to be ready in August 2014.

Along with a dedicated airfield in the vicinity granting improved access, Wilderness Safaris looks forward to doing this magnificent landscape justice using low-impact design that is sensitive to the fragile desert environment.

In line with Wilderness Safaris' commitment to the Government of Namibia's far-sighted Community-based Natural Resource Management policy – an approach that Wilderness Safaris has embraced from the outset – the 20-year concession is a joint venture with the neighbouring Community-based Conservancies of Anabeb, Torra and Sesfontein.

Hoanib is the perfect addition to Wilderness Safaris’ other exceptional offerings in north-west Namibia, from Damaraland and Desert Rhino Camps to Serra Cafema in the far north. Together, these represent the authentic Namibia.

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