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Biking Tourism: France has all the assets for winning the yellow jersey!

a booming activity

The General Direction of Companies (DGE) published the first barometer 2015 on biking tourism. Cycling is a rapidly expanding economic sector. In 2014, it accounted for 9.2 million stays during which French tourists undertook biking or mountain biking activities in France.

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General Direction of Companies (DGE) published the first barometer 2015 of biking tourism - Photo DGE
General Direction of Companies (DGE) published the first barometer 2015 of biking tourism - Photo DGE
France is the second destination in the world for biking tourism after Germany.

According to the first barometer on biking tourism in France, published by the General Direction of Companies (DGE), it could reach first place by finalizing the 21,000km of bike routes and green lanes that are planned in the National Scheme of bike routes and green lanes.

As of today, over 58% of this projected national network is set up, representing 12,700 km.

The study specifies that the economic benefits of the branch are estimated to reach 4.5 billion euros. These benefits largely exceed the tourism sector and also affect the economy linked to the manufacturing and distribution of bikes and accessories.

The expenditures of tourists daily and per person range between €65 and €105, according to regional studies done in the Loire, Bretagne, Alsace and Bourgogne that have developed specific itineraries.

9.2 million stays

Biking tourism accounts for 9.2 million stays during which the French practiced a biking or mountain biking activity in 2014. Proof that this is an expanding sector!

And local collectivities have understood as much. In total, in 10 years (2005-2014), just department and regions invested close to 1.5 billion euros on biking, even though the situation varies sensibly depending on the department or region.

Accommodations providers, bike renters, or other service providers are also jumping on the bandwagon. In late February 2016, there were 2,147 providers with the label “Accueil Vélo” which is a national brand with distinct requirements specification that service providers can request.

Another indicator of the craze for biking tourism is bike reservations on trains and TGV that are reporting a 13% increase in 2015, with 58,000 reservations, compared to 2014.

France will soon wear the yellow jersey

Tourism professionals, especially tour-operators, are refining their expertise. In 2014, 298 TOs programmed France by Bike. The 5 most programmed destinations by these operators are Val de Loire, Provence, Bourgogne, Dordogne, and Alsace.

Another advantage: foreigners represented 25% of tourists using this means of exploration.

The Tour de France that takes place every year is a formidable window into this universe. Let’s not forget that this race is the third most watched athletic competition in the world, after the Olympic Games and the World Cup!

France has all the advantages needed to become a leader in this sector. A few more pedal strokes… and France could truly win the yellow jersey!

To know more about biking tourism, Click here

Tourisme à vélo : la France a tous les atouts pour porter le maillot jaune !

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