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FTI Voyages launches a "Special COVID19 Guarantee" included in packages

for bookings between 29 March and 30 April 2021

FTI Voyages' "Special COVID19 Guarantee" will be included "free of charge and without exception" for all packages (flights + hotels) booked between 29 March and 30 April 2021. This insurance includes reimbursement of cancellation fees in case of a positive PCR test as well as insurance for the stay.

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Ralph Schiller FTI GROUP, Managing Director of FTI Voyages - DR
Ralph Schiller FTI GROUP, Managing Director of FTI Voyages - DR
The tour operator FTI Voyages is offering a "COVID19 Special Guarantee" insurance policy which is included free of charge and without exception for all packages (flights + hotels) booked between 29 March and 30 April 2021 (for departures from 29 March 2021 to 31 October 2021).

"With the FTI Travel Special Covid19 Guarantee, we guarantee our customers two things," says Ralph Schiller, Managing Director of the FTI Group.

Firstly, if a travel participant takes a PCR test 72 hours or less before departure and the test is positive, the customer can decide to cancel the trip or even cancel the trip for all participants.

The customer will be reimbursed accordingly. Our insurance partner will reimburse the cancellation costs incurred (up to 1,500 euros per person).

In this way, we allow our customers to concentrate fully on their recovery without having to worry about financial issues," explains the managing director.

"We believe that testing is the key to the opening of the 2021 summer season. From our point of view, rapid tests such as antigenic tests for example could be a good indicator.

Knowing that if the rapid test is positive a PCR test should confirm the result. The FTI Travel special COVID19 guarantee can then be applied and the cancellation costs refunded. "explains Ralf Schiller.

The second pillar of the campaign includes additional insurance on site.

If the customer is negative and travels, he or she will receive free 24/7 medical and tele-medical assistance at the destination, as well as accident coverage up to 25,000 euros during the trip.

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