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Incentive tourism brings a big growth in Taiwan

International Edition (ASIA)

According to UNWTO’s report in January, 2014. In the year 2013, the annual growth rate of 9.64 percent of Taiwanese inbound tourists and the annual growth rate of 12 percent in tourism revenue. These represent that Taiwan is ahead of Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Korea and etc. Especially the incentive tourism in Taiwan had a growth rate of 30 percent last year.

Rédigé par Yun-Chung HUNG (Taiwan) le Lundi 8 Décembre 2014

MICE tourism has become a niche market recent years in Asia.

Tourism Bureau of Taiwan focuses more on promoting incentive tourism because it brings higher value than convention and exhibition.

Here are some advantages listed below.

The unique of geographical location, it takes 1.5 hours from Shanghai, 3 hours from Tokyo, 2.5 hours from Seoul and 4.5 hours from Singapore. It brings lots of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Malaysian and Singaporean tourists to visit every year.

Besides, low cost carriers operate more flights between Taipei and Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Bangkok, Shanghai and Seoul.

Mandarin Chinese is spoken by Taiwanese people, and English is useful in the capital city, Taipei.

And most of the sites and attractions provide brochures, signs and websites in Chinese, English and Japanese.

Average consumer price lower than Hong Kong, Singapore...

The current average consumer price is lower than Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and some big cities in China.

The public security is well in Taiwan. Foreign tourists don’t feel unsafe and crowded during their stay.

The hospitality of Taiwanese people brings unforgettable experience to foreigners.

The most successful case was the incentive tour by Amway China. It brought 12,000 direct sales representatives to visit Taiwan in 2009.

This incentive travel group was estimated to contribute around 15 million euros.

Tourism Bureau of Taiwan promotes incentive tourism by providing welcome gifts, financial aid for Taiwanese performances and executive assistance.

It also focuses on Russian and Middle-East MICE tourism market this year. Muslim friendly concept has been implemented by cooperating with Chinese Muslim Association to introduce certified Halal Muslim restaurants and hotels.


Yun-Chung HUNG (Taiwan)
ESC Troyes

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