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Tunisia: the exit tax will be removed on August 31st, 2015

Foreign visitors have to pay 30 dinars when leaving

Following the attack of Port-El Kantaoui, Selma Elloumi Rekik, the Tunisian Tourism Minister, had announced the removal of the exit tax for foreign tourists. However, the measure was still in effect and caused confusion amongst professionals and clients. It will be removed on August 31, 2015.

Rédigé par Pierre Coronas translated by Joséphine Foucher le Jeudi 27 Août 2015

Foreign travelers still have to buy a solidarity stamp of 30 TUD when leaving Tunisian territory - DR
Foreign travelers still have to buy a solidarity stamp of 30 TUD when leaving Tunisian territory - DR
Upon returning from Tunisia in the last few days, several tourists expressed discontent.

The reason: the exit tax of 30 Tunisian dinars they had to pay upon leaving the country when it was supposed to have been canceled by local authorities.

“Tunisia’s Tourism Minister’s announcement of the removal of this tax in July 2015 had been communicated by travel agencies to their clients, explains Richard Soubielle, Vice-President of SNAV.

Those who found out that they actually had to pay the fee were surprised, logically. There is confusion around this topic.”

Article of the law on additional finances

As for the Parisian office of the National Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT), they confirm that “for now, the exit tax is still in effect in Tunisia.”

After the announcement of the Tourism Minister, talks around the removal of this solidarity stamp are well underway.

But other Ministers express concern over the measure. This is the case, particularly, of the Minister of Economy and Finances.

In fact, the disappearance of Tunisia’s exit tax must be acted on through a specific article of the law that concerns additional finances. It has just been voted on and the article 36, that entered into force in October 2014, was rescinded. So the lights are now all green.

And, the exit tax will be removed on August 31st, 2015, confirm both the French office ONTT and the Tunisian Tourism Ministry.

In fact, the services of the Ministry must draft a circular announcement on the enforcement of the repeal in the days to come.

Stock shortage in hotels

Meanwhile, foreign tourists must still pay the equivalent of 13 euros - with a 2 euro additional fee for credit card payments - to leave the Tunisian soil after their vacation.

Something that upsets local tourism professionals. “The situation is already complicated as it is. It is absurd that travelers coming to our country have to pay more,” laments a hotelier.

Especially since, according to testimonies we received on the topic, several establishment are out of stock of this famous solidarity stamp. Meaning that clients have to find it on their own before getting to customs.

Generally, retail outlets are not lacking, but this can sometimes be problematic depending on departure times. Some tourists were faced with very long lines. Others, who had early morning flights, arrived to find the stores closed.

“This adds to the disorder and leaves a bad impression on tourists who, despite the destination’s problems, want to show their support by visiting the country,” laments Richard Soubielle.

An issue that will be resolved by next week!

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