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Interview with Pascal Bataillé, CEO of Adonis Hotels & Residences

The brand Adonis Hotels & Residences gathers around twenty hotels throughout France and two new hotels, in Lourdes and Annecy, have integrated the hotel group in December 2015. Pascal Bataillé, Executive Director President of Adonis Hotels & Résidences, told us more about this rising hotel chain.

Rédigé par Saliha Hadj-Djilani translated by Joséphine Foucher le Mardi 2 Février 2016

Pascal Bataillé, CEO of Adonis hotels & Résidences
Pascal Bataillé, CEO of Adonis hotels & Résidences - Can you introduce Adonis Hotels & Résidences to us?

P.B: “In 1993, I co-founded the hotel chain Elysées Ouest in the Paris region but I sold my shares and created the hotel group Bataillé in 2001, composed of around sixty hotels. And in 2010, I decided to launch Adonis Hotels & Residences to respond to the demand of hotel owners wishing to enjoy a brand image through this emblem. In this way, this new brand completed the offer of the Bataillé Hotel Group. Today, Adonis Hotels & Residences includes around twenty hotels throughout France.

For professionals, Adonis Hotels & Residences, is a voluntary chain on a human-scale, that gathers hotels and tourism residences in France under one umbrella brand around a common concept, with the shared willingness of being represented and enhancing their businesses.

As a hotelier, this is a product I would have liked to be offered which is why I created it. To accomplish this, we are on all distribution channels: tour-operators, travel agencies, companies, work councils, Internet reservation platforms (OTAs), coach companies…

For individuals, the identity of our brand goes through not only the diversity of the services offered but also through the specificity of every hotel.

Our hotels are not standardized. We provide hotels with a soul through decoration that varies in each establishment. They are 2 and 3 star hotels under one same name with a large choice of destinations.”

Map of Adonis Hotels & Résidences establishments in France
Map of Adonis Hotels & Résidences establishments in France - What are the specificities of your hotels and what clientele are you aiming at?

P.B.: “We offer hotels and office tourism residences in activity zones and business areas. Our tourism residences and hotels are ideally located: on the ocean front, from the French Riviera to the point of Corsica; in the mountains, from the Pyrénées to the Alps; in the city-center; from the Strasbourg Christmas market to the night market in Sanary sur Mer…

We aim at all types of clienteles: business, leisure, seniors, students… As for our rate bracket, our 2 to 3 star hotels and residences are everywhere in France and the prices vary depending on the regions and seasons.

On average, the rate of a standard double room is of €50 in the low season to €80 in the high season.”

Room of an Adonis apartment hotel
Room of an Adonis apartment hotel - Why did you choose to open two new hotels in Annecy and Lourdes?

P.B.: “Adonis Lourdes and Adonis Annecy are two independent hotels that voluntarily chose the Adonis marketing and brand last December.

The cities of Annecy and Lourdes have a strong touristic potential due to their charm, and cultural heritage. These destinations were requested to us several times by different distributors. The Catholic pilgrimage center of Lourdes welcomes many visitors annually who come from every continent.

This is the 3rd most visited Catholic spot in the world after the Vatican and Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe Basilica in Mexico. As for Annecy, it is often called the Venice of the Alps, it enchants visitors with its famous lake and old town filled with meandering canals that attract crowds all year long.”

Hotel Apartment Adonis in Carry-le-Rouet
Hotel Apartment Adonis in Carry-le-Rouet - Who is your foreign clientele?

P.B.: “Today, the group Adonis is a national group, and every region has its most common foreign clientele.

For example, La Baule in Loire Atlantique works very well with Germans and Spanish, while the French Riviera in Sanary-sur-Mer receives a majority of visitors from England and Italy.

But more generally, we are open to all international markets through our constant perspective of opening up to new niches and new clients by being present in the biggest tourism trade-fairs.”

More information:

To join the Adonis group and to know more, contact:
Elodie Perraud, Sales Consultant
phone: 04 94 88 18 64

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