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Romania: 3.12 million euros to build a new tourism identity

An emphasis on its cultural and natural assets

The Romanian tourism office will invest heavily in the French market to build its reputation and attract travelers. It wants to emphasize on its many cultural and natural assets without forgetting the capital: Bucharest.

Rédigé par Laury-Anne CHOLEZ translated by Joséphine Foucher le Lundi 24 Mars 2014

Romania intends to capitalize on its natural and cultural resources to attract French visitors.DR
Romania intends to capitalize on its natural and cultural resources to attract French visitors.DR
What is the touristic image of Romania?

It is a difficult question to answer, as the destination is still not well known on the French tourism market.

"Some visitors ask if they will easily find gasoline, or if Internet is accessible," sighs Mihaela Mihet, Director of the country Tourist Office which was presenting during the World Tourism Fair.

Yet, the country has attracted 149,000 French travelers in 2012 and should finish in 2013 on the same figures. Those who return seem happy, but it looks difficult to convince new customers to visit.

While trying to improve its reputation, the tourism office will invest this year 3,120 million euros in various promotional campaign on the French market.

With the help of a representative office, Mihaela Mihet will attend all major fairs in the field, launch advertising campaigns, as well as informational tours for professionals.

Because about half of the visitors go through a tour operator to visit the country. Salaün Holidays has also released a brochure entirely dedicated to the destination.

The destination aims to absorb all niche markets

The tourism office aims to communicate on many niche activities.

First and foremost will be culture, since the country has seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Religious architecture enthusiasts can visit the old wooden churches of Maramures a particularly popular destination with French visitors as the region has preserved its traditions.

A bit further, we can discover the Painted Churches of Moldavia, relics of the holy story, covered with frescoes dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth century.

Let’s not forget the Horezu Monastery famous for its rich carved details, or the 150 fortified villages in Transylvania, the historical center of Sighisoara and the Dacian Fortresses of the Orastie Mountains.

As symbolized by the slogan "Explore the Carpathian Garden” Romania is an ideal destination for lovers of outdoor activities.

Nearly 6200 bears live in its last wild European forests, as well as aurochs and wild wolves that inhabit the Carpathian mountains.

The Danube Delta, also crowned as a UNESCO site, is home to nearly 300 species of birds and hundreds of fish. The river flows into the Black Sea, famous for its seaside attractions and spa resorts founded by the Romans.

Finally, do not forget Bucharest, nicknamed Little Paris, only a three hour flight from France and served by five airlines: Air France, Tarom, Blue Air, Ryanair and Wizz Air.

A perfect destination for long exotic weekends that combine nature, culture, and traditions.

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